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Trudy Anne Monk ( Ellison) was Adrian Monk's wife. Adrian loved her dearly, and after she was killed in a car bomb, Monk was left "emotionally paralyzed." Trudy's murder was Adrian's only unsolved case, and was the overarching mystery of the series.


Trudy was a warm, kind woman. She was very caring about the people in her life and was close to her parents. Trudy was also willing to overlook Adrian's obsessive-compulsive tendencies and even separated his food for him. At one point, Adrian claimed that Trudy "kept every promise she ever made". Trudy was Adrian's rock and she helped him to stabilize his OCD. However, upon her death, it sent Adrian into an emotional tailspin and he didn't leave his apartment for three years. He still wears his wedding ring and still considers himself "the husband." Trudy used strawberry shampoo and lilac lotion, and her scent stayed on her pillow. Monk kept Trudy's pillow in a plastic bag and would occasionally take it out and lay with it so he could feel close to her. Adrian's grief over Trudy's death was intense and with him every day of his life; he has stated more than once that he is never truly happy and never expects to be truly happy ever again. Adrian would occasionally take out his photo album with Trudy's wrecked car and newspaper articles to try and figure out the murder. It wasn't until he opened up Trudy's last gift that he found out who murdered her. Even so, something was nagging at Adrian about what Ethan Rickover had said "Take care of her". He figured out what he meant and he wanted to meet Trudy's daughter. Upon meeting with Trudy's long-lost daughter, Molly, Adrian starts to recover from his grief.


  • Trudy was portrayed by Stellina Ruisch throughout Season 1 and Season 2 but was ultimately replaced by Melora Hardin since the showrunners wanted an actress that was capable of performing in more complex flashbacks and hallucinations.
  • There are some continuity errors regarding Adrian's and Trudy's relationship. In Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion, Adrian and Trudy are shown meeting in college. In earlier episodes, however, it is stated that Adrian met Trudy when he was already employed at the SFPD.[2]
  • Cameron, an actress masquerading as Trudy, was also portrayed by Melora Hardin.[3]
  • Andy Breckman once stated that Trudy holds a special place in Monk's heart and that even if he started dating again, he would always love Trudy more than them.
  • Trudy was allergic to fish.
  • Trudy loved to write poetry.
  • Trudy always put a cinnamon stick in her coffee, which was a trick she picked up in Spain.
  • Trudy’s favorite dish was Chicken Cacciatore.
  • Trudy was Willie Nelson’s biggest fan.
  • Trudy’s favorite wine is a 1984 Allacco Cabernet.
  • Trudy's favorite perfume was Shalimar.
  • Trudy always went barefoot, even when it was cold out.