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Sharona Fleming was Adrian Monk's practical nurse.


She has dark blonde hair with lighter blonde highlights and has very curly hair. She has blue eyes and she is always wearing a necklace, usually her S necklace. Sharona wears fashionable clothes and always has makeup as well.


Sharona is shown to be cunning and sometimes manipulative when getting what she wants, especially around Monk, but in the end she obviously cares very much about him and the other main characters, despite how much she teases them.

A running joke throughout the show is her love life. Every other episode, Sharona has found a new boyfriend that quite often turns out to be the killer. She spends a lot of her time looking for love; no matter the person, she’s desperate to succeed in love and get Benjy a caring father. However, many men view her as only vulnerable and deceivable, and she’s often used as an alibi or target considering how close she is to the police.

By her guest appearance in season 8, episode 10, she acts softer towards Randy and admits to Natalie that taking care of Monk was the best job she ever had.


With Randy Disher

Sharona and Randy had a mostly unspoken relationship until around mid-season 2, where it was clear he had developed a crush on her, much to her teasing. Through season 1, they bickered often, though not in the same flirty manner. By the time she left in "Mr. Monk and the Red Herring," they were very close friends and it was unclear whether Sharona had feelings for him or not. (Moments in episodes such as "Mr. Monk and the Missing Granny" and "Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather" would suggest so.)

Sharona made another appearance before the end of the series in "Mr. Monk and Sharona," where it was clear they'd missed each other, and were revealed to be dating at the end of the episode.

Season One

  • In “Mr. Monk and the Candidate,” Sharona bitterly asks Randy, “What is that, your tough look?”
  • In "Mr. Monk and the Psychic," Sharona says "I prefer to take care of business first," while talking to Captain Stottlemeyer. Randy mutters, "Bet that's not the first time you've said that," and Sharona snaps, "Bite me."
  • In “Mr. Monk and the Red-headed Stranger,” Randy informs Sharona and Monk that he's in charge considering that the captain broke his arm. Sharona, knowing Randy, sighs and says, “Oh, my God.” Randy sarcastically responds with “I’m so glad you're here!”

Season Two

  • In ”Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus,” Randy, annoyed by an enthusiastic officer who keeps spouting facts about Monk, is pretending to have never heard of him. The officer refers to Sharona as “pretty hot, huh?” and Randy replies with “You think so?”
  • In “Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater,” while rushing over to an unconscious culprit, Randy stops to ask Sharona if she's okay.
  • In “Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect,” the two briefly flirt when Monk arrives at the crime scene. Randy continues to stare at Sharona for a few seconds whenever she comes to stand next to him. Later in the episode, she teases him about missing her when she leaves for New Jersey, to which he awkwardly admits he would, “maybe a little.”
  • In “Mr. Monk Meets the Playboy,” Randy tries to impress Sharona by finding and burning a set of photos she’d been trying to hide. She stays silent for a minute before asking, “Did you look at them?” Randy responds by giving a noncommittal shrug and walking away awkwardly.
  • In “Mr. Monk and the 12th Man,” Sharona has a new boyfriend: Kenny Shale, the deputy mayor. Randy brings it up at a crime scene and teases her the way she usually teases him, continuing to do this for most of the episode.
  • In “Mr. Monk and the Paperboy,” Randy puts out a personal ad in the newspaper reading: “Man with a badge in hot pursuit of romance. I’m 32, fit, sexy, ambitious, with a dynamite sense of humor. Looking for petite blonde, no-nonsense attitude, kids okay.” This is obviously directed at Sharona, and she ends up finding it and reading it aloud. She mentions it again later, but he denies it was meant for her. They briefly make eye contact and each look away awkwardly.
  • In “Mr. Monk and the T.V. Star,” Randy notices Sharona is talking to Brad Terry from across the room and watches her for a while until she looks up, at which point he tries to look like he was reviewing notes all along. Later, at a party, he asks her to dance, but she turns him down, saying, “I’m not much of a dancer.” She quickly leaves to dance with Brad, however, and leaves him alone.
  • In “Mr. Monk and the Missing Granny,” she teases him briefly about his allergy to cats, and then later about him being left in the captain’s office while Stottlemeyer and Monk interrogate someone. At the end of the episode, Randy’s allergy has solved the case. Sharona smiles at him and congratulates him for it.

Season Three

  • In “Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan,” Randy offers to share a hotel room with Sharona; however, she dismisses it quickly by scoffing and saying, “In your dreams.” Later, he stutters when introducing her.
  • In “Mr. Monk and the Panic Room,” Sharona believes a chimpanzee accused of murder is innocent and takes it to a kitchen to feed it. Randy immediately offers to come with her, to which she doubtfully asks why. He freezes for a second before giving an excuse. Sharona later teases him about a theory of his.
  • In “Mr. Monk Gets Fired,” Randy is impressed when Sharona tackles the commissioner for a piece of evidence.
  • In “Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather,” Randy spends the entire episode trying to get Sharona to not date Fat Tony. He even says at one point that he knows why she’s attracted to Tony: he’s dangerous, and goes on to add, “Some people think I’m dangerous.” Sharona dismisses this easily. At the end of the episode, he finally proves that Tony is a bad person, and asks if this means that she won’t tease him as much. Sharona replies, smiling, with, “No chance of that,” and walks away.
  • In “Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf,” he brings her coffee after she supposedly sees a body. He also stops to ask if she’s okay before when they arrive at the culprit’s house. At the end of the episode he compliments a title of one of her stories, which is followed by a slightly awkward silence.
  • In “Mr. Monk and the Red Herring,” Sharona has moved to New Jersey with her ex-husband Trevor. Stottlemeyer mentions this in a conversation with Natalie Teeger, and Randy visibly reacts by rolling his eyes and sighing. He forces a smile when Stottlemeyer glances at him.

Season Six

  • In “Mr. Monk Is on the Run: Part 2,” Randy brings a bouquet of flowers that were on Natalie’s doorstep in to her. He begins to tell her they were out front, but pauses for a second mid-sentence upon seeing the card. The flowers are from Sharona, she and Benjy are flying in for Monk’s funeral. Randy is obviously affected by the idea of this.

Season Eight

  • In “Mr. Monk and Sharona,” Sharona returns to San Francisco for legal issues regarding an uncle’s death. She stops in to see Stottlemeyer first, but Randy comes into the room once he’s told Sharona is there, awkwardly saying, “Is she here? There she is. She” They hug briefly and grip each other’s arms. Sharona tells Randy it’s great to see him, which he doubts considering their earlier relationship in which she constantly teased him. She asks, “Oh, my God, was I awful?” and he replies quickly with “No, you were...Truth is, I missed it.” When Natalie comes in, he acknowledges her without looking away from Sharona, and evidently has completely forgotten that he got a rap sheet for Monk under the circumstances. Later in the episode, Sharona interrupts him at work to talk to him about the case, saying how she remembered always feeling good after talking to him. Randy is affected by this and lets her rant to him. She finishes by saying that her and Natalie have been fighting, but she knows Monk likes her better. Randy asks how she can tell, and she responds with “A woman always knows...who likes who.” They both look at each other as the elevator door closes. At the very end of the episode, it is revealed that they have hooked up officially, as Randy is Sharona’s ride to the airport. Much to Monk and Natalie’s surprise, they share a quick kiss as he helps her into the car.

With Adrian Monk

Throughout the series, Sharona usually takes advantage of Monk’s OCD and complains about his quirks, often to the point where it seems like she really doesn't care about him.

However, when it really matters, Sharona has always been there for him and helped him through what he needs to be helped through. In ”Mr. Monk and Sharona,” she admits to Natalie that taking care of him was the best job she ever had. She thinks she might have been too hard on him, but Natalie insists she got him through everything after Trudy died.

With Natalie Teeger

Sharona and Natalie first met in the season 8 episode “Mr. Monk and Sharona.” They had each heard so much about each other, and immediately bonded over the similar things they'd had to do for Monk. After a while, though, their extreme differences caught up with them and they spent most of the episode fighting. Eventually they had a small heart-to-heart regarding what Sharona had done for Monk and came to a mutual understanding.

Natalie had heard of Sharona a lot at the beginning of her job as Monk’s assistant, for Sharona was always mentioned when Natalie insisted on being treated differently than she had.

With Leland Stottlemeyer

Sharona and Stottlemeyer's relationship was barely explored in the few seasons she had. It was clear they were close friends, considering how much they'd been through. Stottlemeyer tried once to take advantage of Sharona's relationship with Kenny Shale, but was caught by Sharona, who pointed out that he'd called Kenny a weasel three weeks ago. In "Mr. Monk and Sharona," they embrace upon meeting again and he says to Monk that he "loves Sharona" (platonically, of course).

With Gail Fleming

Sharona and Gail tend to bicker a lot, as siblings would, as is shown in "Mr. Monk and the Earthquake." Throughout that episode they fight over almost everything: men, caller ID, handbags, and Monk. However, they still care about each other. In "Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater," Gail is arrested and Sharona does everything in her power to prove her innocence.

With Trevor Howe

Sharona was married to Trevor for a period of time before the show started. She makes constant remarks throughout the seasons that she doesn't know why she married him. In the episode "Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect," Trevor shows up during Benjy's birthday party to try and convince Sharona to move back to New Jersey with him. She says to Monk that she truly believes he's changed this time, and she'll be going back to NJ with him. By the end of the episode, she learns he was only trying to take advantage of her. She worries that Benjy needs his father often.

By "Mr. Monk and the Red Herring," Sharona has moved back to New Jersey with Trevor. She or Trevor are not mentioned again often until "Mr. Monk and Sharona," where Sharona returns and informs Monk they've split up for good.


  • Bitty Schram left the show halfway through Season 3 due to a contract dispute. The official explanation was that her character had moved back to New Jersey and remarried her ex-husband, Trevor Howe.[1]
  • Sharona has temporarily quit her job as Monk's assistant at least twice.[2]
    • In Mr. Monk and the Candidate, Monk reacts with "not again" when Sharona quits her job, implying that she had quit her job before.
  • Sharona briefly appears in the intro even after her departure since a clip from the episode Mr. Monk Goes Back to School is used.


What is that, your tough look?

— Sharona, Mr. Monk and the Candidate

Shut up, bitch! Show’s over.

— Sharona, Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater

Nobody talks to me that way. Nobody!

— Sharona, Mr. Monk and the 12th Man

I just remember how good I used to feel after I talked to you.

— Sharona, Mr. Monk and Sharona