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Season One of Monk began airing on July 12, 2002 on USA Network. The first season concluded after 12 episodes on October 18, 2002.

Main cast[]


The first season of Monk commenced airing on July 12, 2002 with the double length premiere Mr. Monk and the Candidate. The season finale was aired on October 18, 2002. It is the only season which did not consist of 16 episodes. It was released on DVD on June 15, 2003.

Awards and nominations[]


  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series (Tony Shalhoub in Mr. Monk and the Airplane)
  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music (Jeff Beal)
  • Golden Globe for Best Performance in a Musical or Comedy TV series (Tony Shalhoub)


  • Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series (Tony Shalhoub)
  • Satelitte Award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Series (Tony Shalhoub)
  • Television Critics Association Awards for Individual Achievement in Comedy (Tony Shalhoub)
  • Young Artist Award for Best Supporting Performance in a TV series (Max Morrow)


Episode in Season Episode Overall Title Directed by Written by Aired U.S. viewers (millions)
1 1 "Mr. Monk and the Candidate" Dean Parisot Andy Breckman July 12, 2002 4.76
Monk investigates an assassination attempt on Mayoral Candidate Warren St. Claire and learns there's more at play than meets the eye.[1] This episode is split into two parts when airing on television.
2 2 "Mr. Monk and the Psychic" Kevin Inch John Romano July 19, 2002 4.06
Everyone believes psychic Dolly Flint has accomplished the impossible when she discovers the body of the former Police Commissioner's missing wife. Everyone except Monk.[1]
3 3 "Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale" Rob Thompson Andy Breckman July 26, 2002 4.87
An 800-pound recluse, aka Dale the Whale, is the number one suspect in a murder case. But how can a man who can't even fit through his bedroom door be a murderer?[1]
4 4 "Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival" Randall Zisk Siobhan Byrne August 2, 2002 4.91
Monk, who suffers from vertigo, investigates the death of a police detective murdered on a ferris wheel.[1]
5 5 "Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum" Nick Marck Tom Scharpling
David Breckman
August 9, 2002 4.48
After being temporarily institutionalized, Monk stumbles upon a four-year-old murder. Or is his mind playing tricks on him?[1]
6 6 "Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Mugger" Stephen Cragg Timothy J. Lea August 16, 2002 4.46
A billionaire is shot dead while mugging a couple outside a theater. It appears to be a mid-life crisis gone horribly wrong, until Monk figures out the truth.[1]
7 7 "Mr. Monk and the Other Woman" Adam Arkin David M. Stern August 23, 2002 2.55
Monk investigates an attorney's death and develops a love interest in one of the suspects.[1]
8 8 "Mr. Monk and the Marathon Man" Adam Davidson Mitch Markowitz September 13, 2002 4.86
Monk, himself a former marathon runner, figures out the clever scheme devised by a furniture magnate to dispose of his mistress during a citywide marathon.[1]
9 9 "Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation" Kevin Inch Hy Conrad September 20, 2002 2.68
During his vacation, Monk helps solve a murder witnessed by Benjy, Sharona's son, even though the corpse keeps on eluding them.[1]
10 10 "Mr. Monk and the Earthquake" Adam Shankman Tom Scharpling
David Breckman
October 4, 2002 2.01
Sharona's life is in danger while Monk brilliantly solves a seemingly perfect crime committed during a San Francisco earthquake.[1]
11 11 "Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger" Milan Cheylov Andy Breckman
Tom Scharpling
October 11, 2002 2.53
A blind woman witnesses the murder of Willie Nelson's road manager. Is the country music legend the killer?[1]
12 12 "Mr. Monk and the Airplane" Rob Thompson David M. Stern October 18, 2002 4.25
Braving his fear of flying and of enclosed areas, Monk boards a plane with Sharona and solves the murder of a passenger's wife.[1]