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You got lucky twice.

Leland Stottlemeyer to Adrian Monk about Natalie Teeger

Natalie Jane Teeger (née Davenport) is Adrian Monk's assistant.




  • Natalie appeared in 87 episodes as opposed to Sharona Fleming's 38 episodes.
  • Natalie has a tattoo in a "discreet location".
  • Natalie is often seen owning things that are way beyond her pay range.
  • Natalie claims that she kept Mitch's surname after his death to avoid being associated with the Davenport Toothpaste Company.
  • She changes vehicles quite frequently. From Season 3 to the first half of Season 5, she drives a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee. Midway through Season 5, she switches to a Buick Lucerne. In Season 6, she starts driving a 2006 Ford Escape. During the first half of Season 7, Natalie drives an Audi A3. She then drives a Nissan Sentra for three episodes.[1] For the rest of the series, Natalie drives a Hyundai Genesis.
  • Natalie is often seen wearing Christian Louboutin shoes, which is evident by their trademark red soles. Since they are ridiculously expensive, she might just wear knockoffs.
  • Traylor Howard was pregnant during the filming for Season 5, so she spent several episodes hiding her stomach behind boxes, newspapers, and other objects in order to hide her pregnancy. In one episode, she wears a fake stomach, with Natalie's mother spotting it and questioning "when did this happen?"[2]
  • In the non-canon novel Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants, Natalie meets Sharona, who tells her that Monk probably chose Natalie to be his assistant because she is similar to Sharona in that they are both single mothers with 12-year-old children and Monk likes things to stay the same. She then goes on to say that although Monk initially chose her because of that, she managed to form her own independent relationship with Monk, which she believes is impressive.