Mr. Monk on Patrol is the fourteenth novel in the Monk mystery book series by Lee Goldberg, published on June 5, 2012.


The town of Summit, New Jersey is hit with a string of arrests of high profile politicians, leaving Randy Disher serving as the town's mayor. Since Summit's police are understaffed, and the controversy brought forth more criminal activity, Disher's girlfriend flies to San Francisco to convince Adrian Monk and Natalie Teeger to help their friend Randy, by serving as temporary police officers for the town. While working as police officers, Monk and Natalie discover a body, and Monk soon receives a threat on his own life that is meant to scare him away.

Adrian Monk ignores the threats and keeps investigating, until he solves the murder. Weeks after the arrest, Captain Stottlemeyer asks Natalie and Monk whether they’re going to return to San Francisco. Monk makes a decision, which will be revealed in the next novel.