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Mr. Monk is a Mess is the 14th book in the Mr. Monk book series. It was released on June 05, 2012 by NAL.


Obsessive. Compulsive. Detective.

An all-new original mystery starring Adrian Monk, the brilliant investigator who always knows when something's out of place...

No one likes to come home to a mess—least of all Monk and Natalie. But when they return briefly to San Francisco from an extended stay working as cops in New Jersey, Natalie discovers somebody has been sleeping in her bed. But this Goldilocks is not asleep. She's dead.

If that's not bad enough, investigators find marked money from a Federal sting operation stuffed under Natalie's mattress. Now her life is a real mess and she needs Monk's help to clean it up.

But Monk has problems of his own. His brother Ambrose is desperate to find Yuki, his missing lover, but his agoraphobia prevents him from leaving the house. Ambrose needs a man on the outside—and that man is Monk, who is torn, because he's glad to see her go.

As the two investigations begin, and the body count rises, it quickly becomes clear to Monk that Yuki has a dangerous past... and that they are pursuing a ruthless, cold-blooded killer that nobody would ever want to mess with...[1]


After arriving home in San Francisco after working as police officers in Summit, New Jersey, Natalie Teeger finds a dead body laying in her bathtub. During the investigation by the police, marked money from a federal sting operation is found stuffed under Natalie’s mattress. Natalie now needs Monk's help, but Monk is preoccupied with his own investigation. He's helping his brother find his missing girlfriend Yuki Nakamura, which is a problem that Monk is conflicted about, since he's happy to see Yuki leave.

As the case continues, it becomes clear that Yuki has a dangerous past, and that they are chasing a ruthless, cold-blooded killer.