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This list of Adrian Monk's phobias is by no means comprehensive, especially since Monk claims to have 312 phobias in "Mr. Monk and the naked man." All phobias are listed in alphabetical order.

Greatest Fears[]

  1. Fear of germs (mysophobia, verminophobia, germophobia, germaphobia, bacillophobia, or bacteriophobia)[1]
  2. Fear of needles (trypanophobia or aichmophobia)
  3. Fear of dentists (dentophobia) (heightened by his encounter with Dr. Bloom in Mr. Monk Goes to the Dentist)
  4. Fear of milk (galaphobia, lactaphobia or lactophobia)
  5. Fear of death (thanatophobia; also known as death anxiety)
  6. Fear of snakes (ophidiophobia or ophiophobia)
  7. Fear of lightning (astraphobia, astrapophobia, brontophobia, keraunophobia, or tonitrophobia)
  8. Fear of mushrooms (mycophobia)
  9. Fear of heights (acrophobia)
  10. Fear of crowds (enochlophobia, ochlophobia, or demophobia)
  11. Fear of elevators (possibly a subtype of claustrophobia or a variation of agoraphobia)

Other Fears[]


  • Fear of aardvarks[2]
  • Fear of airplanes (aviophobia)[3][4][5]
  • Fear of animal exhaust (possibly a type of zoophobia)
  • Fear of ants (myrmecophobia)[5]


  • Fear of babies[6]
  • Fear of balls of yarn[7]
  • Fear of bedcover (possibly a subtype of claustrophobia or clinophobia)
    • only suspected of Monk, because he did not sleep for a while
  • Fear of bees (melissophobia or apiphobia)[8]
    • Fear of bees in blenders
  • Fear of being shot (ballistophobia)[9]
  • Fear of birds (ornithophobia)[5]
    • Fear of bird droppings[7]
  • Fear of births (tokophobia)[10]
  • Fear of blankets (possibly a subtype of claustrophobia)
  • Fear of blenders (possibly a subtype of mechanophobia; also unofficially (comedically) referred to as "blenderphobia")
  • Fear of boats (naviphobia)[1][11]
  • Fear of bridges (gephyrophobia)[12][11]
  • Fear of bullies[13]
  • Fear of buses (trochophobia)[14][4]


  • Fear of cannibals[5]
  • Fear of cats (ailurophobia, felinophobia, or elurophobia)
  • Fear of caves (possibly a subtype of claustrophobia or cleithrophobia)[15]
  • Fear of chalk (calxophobia)[16]
  • Fear of change (metathesiophobia)[1]
  • Fear of charcoal[17]
  • Fear of Chia Pets[7]
  • Fear of clouds (nephophobia)
  • Fear of clowns (coulrophobia)[18]
  • Fear of cocoons[5]
  • Fear of coloring books[7]
  • Fear of coughing (tussaphobia, or pertussphobia)
  • Fear of crooked paintings[19]
  • Fear of curly hair[7]


  • Fear of darkness (scotophobia or lygophobia)[20]
  • Fear of decaffeinated coffee[11]
  • Fear of deserts[5]
  • Fear of diapers[6]
  • Fear of dirt (rupophobia)[21]
  • Fear of dirty hands (possibly a subtype of mysophobia)
  • Fear of disappointing his father[22]
  • Fear of disorder (ataxophobia)
  • Fear of dogs (kynophobia) less likey since temporarily owning dog.
  • Fear of driving (vehophobia)
  • Fear of dryer lint
  • Fear of dust (amathophobia)[4]
    • Fear of dust bunnies[7]



  • Fear of fallopian tube
  • Fear of fear itself (phobophobia)[22]
  • Fear of feet (podophobia)
  • Fear of fire (pyrophobia)
  • Fear of foreign countries[5]
  • Fear of French films (possibly a subtype of gallophobia)[5]
  • Fear of frogs (ranidaphobia or batrachophobia)[24] (ranked equally to possums, soccer riots, and hailstones)


  • Fear of germs (mysophobia, verminophobia, germophobia, germaphobia, bacillophobia, or bacteriophobia)
    • This is likely the most recurrent phobia that appears in Monk, shown through Monk's hesitation or outright refusal to shake hands or touch the floor (among others) and his constant use of wipes.
  • Fear of gingivitis[25]
  • Fear of giraffes[5]
  • Fear of glaciers[26]
  • Fear of granola[5][7]


  • Fear of heights (Acrophobia)
  • Fear of hailstones (grandophobia)[24] (ranked equally to possums, soccer riots, and hailstones)
  • Fear of harmonicas
  • Fear of helicopters[27]
  • Fear of hornets
  • Fear of hospitals (nosocomephobia)[28]


  • Fear of immersion therapy[29]
  • Fear of imperfection (atelophobia)
  • Fear of infections (germaphobia or germophobia)
  • Fear of insects (entemophobia)[2]


  • Fear of jungles[5]


  • Fear of khaki[5]
  • Fear of kissing (philemaphobia)
  • Fear of kiwifruit[5]


  • Fear of ladders (stepnophobia)[30]
  • Fear of ladybugs (coccinellidaephobia)
  • Fear of lasers[26]
  • Fear of lepers[31]
  • Fear of leprosy
  • Fear of lions[5]
  • Fear of lint[7]
  • Fear of lists that end on 221 or 223[32]
  • Fear of loincloths[5]


  • Fear of "Made in China" labels on things[5]
  • Fear of meerkats[5]
  • Fear of mice (musophobia, murophobia or suriphobia)[33]
  • Fear of monkeys (pithecophobia)[5][34]
  • Fear of milk (galaphobia, lactaphobia or lactophobia)[26]
  • Fear of mixed nuts[7]
  • Fear of mixed vegetables (brumotactillophobia)[35]


  • Fear of nature (biophobia)
  • Fear of Neil Diamond[7]
  • Fear of new places (neophobia)[36]
  • Fear of nudity (gymnophobia)[37][11]




  • Fear of phone booths[32]
  • Fear of pills (possibly a subtype of pharmacophobia) (especially regarding multi-colored pills)
  • Fear of polyester[5]
  • Fear of possums (didelphiphobia or didelphophobia)[24] (ranked equally to possums, soccer riots, and hailstones)
  • Fear of public speaking (glossophobia; also known as speech anxiety)[26][38]
  • Fear of puppets (pupaphobia)


  • Fear of questions
  • Fear of quicksand[5]


  • Fear of rabbits (leporiphobia)[11]
  • Fear of radiation (radiophobia)[39]
  • Fear of rats (musophobia, murophobia or suriphobia)
  • Fear of risks
  • Fear of rivers (potamophobia)
  • Fear of rodeos[26]
  • Fear of round objects
    • In Mr. Monk's Favorite Show, it is stated that Monk's favorite snack consists of ten round crackers and a glass of apple juice, which is odd considering that he is supposed to be afraid of round objects.


  • Fear of salted peanuts[5]
  • Fear of scorpions[5]
  • Fear of sidewalk cracks[19]
  • Fear of sleeveless T-shirts[7]
  • Fear of snakes (ophidiophobia)[5]
  • Fear of spears[5]
  • Fear of spiders (arachnophobia)[11]
  • Fear of spitting (queunliskanphobia)[40]
  • Fear of splinters[7]
  • Fear of slime (myxophobia or blennophobia)
  • Fear of soccer riots[24] (ranked equally to possums, soccer riots, and hailstones)


  • Fear of tampons[6]
  • Fear of Tarzan[5]
  • Fear of taxis (possibly a subtype of motorphobia) Still, he takes a taxi a total of four times throughout the series.[41]
  • Fear of thatched roofs[5]
  • Fear of the Beatles[5]
  • Fear of tigers[42]
  • Fear of touch (haphephobia, aphephobia, haphophobia, hapnophobia, haptephobia, haptophobia, or thixophobia)
  • Fear of touching foods ( possibly fotoserphobea)
  • Fear of trains (siderodromophobia)[4]
  • Fear of travel[5]
  • Fear of trees (dendrophobia)[5]
  • Fear of trucks (possibly a subtype of motorphobia)[4]
  • Fear of tsunamis (possibly a subtype of cymophobia) [1]
  • Fear of tumbleweeds[9]
  • Fear of tunnels[11]


  • Fear of underwater
  • Fear of underwear[43]
  • Fear of uneven surfaces[9]
  • Fear of untucked shirts[7]


  • Fear of vomiting (emetophobia)


  • Fear of wind (ancraophobia or anemophobia)[11]


  • Fear of X-ray machines (radiophobia)[39]


None known


  • Fear of zebras[5]
  • Fear of zoos (possibly Zoophobia)


  • Monk once inadvertently made up the fear of pillows.
  • While claiming to have a total of 103 phobias in one episode, he claims to have 313 in another. In one of the books Natalie claims he has 222 phobias. In another book Natalie says Monk has 100 "primary" phobias, and over 300 secondary phobias. This list has a total of 151 phobias.
  • Monk's ranking of his phobias shifts constantly. In Mr. Monk's 100th Case, he tells Randy Disher that his fear of nudity is ranked immediately below his fear of death. Similarly, in Mr. Monk and the End (Part One), he states that he prefers dying to having to vomit.
  • Natalie Teeger is required to carry around a list of his phobias at all times and make additions when prompted.[24]
  • Interestingly, Monk doesn't seem to share his brother's fear of wide space (agoraphobia).


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