Daniel Reese is a former Prison Guard.


When getting in her car at the Bayside Correctional Facility, Daniel murdered Lindsey Bishop with a knife. He decided to frame an inmate, Shiv, by helping him escape. Jack Monk Jr. however escaped instead, and while in a guard tower, fired at him, only for him to escape. In order to avoid the possibility of Shiv being traced back to him as well as Jack's escape, he later murdered Shiv with his namesake weapon.

Adrian Monk and Jack go to see Linda Bishop's house to look around, and Daniel is there. They talk a little bit and leave.

Later, when Monk, Natalie, and Jack go to see him, he starts shooting at them from atop the roof as they are leaving. They hide behind a shelf, and Jack uses Monk's gun to return fire, which he sneaked out of Monk's apartment. When the shelf collapses, Monk and Natalie hide behind a woodpile. Jack gets Natalie to give him her keys to her car so he can call the police, but instead he takes off. Daniel comes down to get them, when suddenly the car bursts through a fence and hits Daniel, knocking him out. He is later taken to prison.

Behind the scenesEdit

He makes his only appearance in Mr. Monk's Other Brother.

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