Robert "Bobby" Davenport is Natalie Teeger's father. He is the second generation owner of Davenport Toothpaste (the third biggest toothpaste makers after Colgate and Crest). In his wife and daughter's sardonic words, he doesn't do much for a living except "inherit money."

Like his wife, Peggy Davenport, he disapproved of his daughter's marriage to Mitch Teeger, but nonetheless dotes on his only grandchild, Julie.

Also like his wife, he strongly approved of his son, Jonothan's engagement to Theresa Scott, and was subsequently humbled when Theresa was exposed as a "black widow" planning to murder Jonothan for his family's money. This led to a gradual acceptance of Natalie, and, by extension, her boss, Adrian Monk, to the point where the Davenports accepted Monk's help in solving the murder of their neighbors.